Mark Reigelmän Returns to the Museum with a Mysterious Installation for This Year’s Summer Solstice Celebration

Cleveland Museum of Art regulars should recognize the name Mark Reigelmän. The New York-based (and Cleveland-bred) artist created the memorable Wood-Pile piece at last year’s Summer Solstice celebration. Reigelmän returns as the mastermind behind this year’s Solstice installation in collaboration with Cleveland Public Art (CPA).

So what exactly should Solstice party-goers look for on Saturday? That’s our little secret! Trust us, you’ll know it when you see it.

What is it?

For this year’s piece, Reigelmän wanted to focus on the qualities of nature that come with the Solstice theme. Inspiration for the project included clouds, sunshine, flowers, and the solar system.

To create the installation, Reigelmän and CPA decided upon a clean, condensed approach, fickle yet beautiful material, and a more kinetic work that reflects the nature of the Summer Solstice event.

He hopes that the movement of the piece, combined with the fragile and beautiful material chosen to construct it, will mimic the fun atmosphere of the party. (And maybe even the dance moves, too!)

Who is involved?

This installation isn’t the first that Reigelmän has completed with Cleveland Public Art. Along with last year’s Solstice installation, he has worked with the organization on several other projects.

“As an organization, they’re incredible to work with,” Reigelmän says. “It’s very much a team effort.”

Cleveland Public Art works to improve public spaces through the addition of art. The organization commissions works, works on neighborhood revitalization projects, and coordinates community planning. Members also serve as art advocates within the Cleveland community.

Where can it be seen?

We’ll finally reveal Reigelmän’s piece for the Summer Solstice and celebration of the reopening of the first-level 1916 galleries on Saturday, June 19. The party takes place from 5:30 p.m. until 2 a.m. In addition to Reigelmän’s installation, guests can take in live music, drinks, food, and more.

If you’re as curious as we are to see Reigelmän’s mysterious final product, get your tickets now for the Solstice party this weekend.

For more information about Mark Reigelmän, visit his web site . To learn more about Cleveland Public Art, visit its web site.

Tickets for Solstice are available online.

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