• special exhibition

    Closed for the installation of new artworks. Open 
    Thu, 5/23.

    Nearly half of the works on view during the first rotation will be replaced with entirely new works for the second rotation. Tickets purchased during the first rotation (April 9–May 19) can be redeemed to view the second rotation for free.



  • special event

    Sat, 6/22/2019

    Presale tickets for Solstice 2019 have SOLD OUT. As we want as many people to experience this event as possible, we may be releasing additional tickets on Mon, 6/17, depending on the weather forecast. Check back for details.

    Celebrate the long summer days and hot summer nights at the museum’s eleventh-annual Solstice—a night where art and music come together. Guests will have an opportunity to enjoy dynamic and cutting-edge music from around the world, and explore the museum galleries late into the night.

  • special exhibition


    Discover the pioneering early photographs of Gordon Parks, who chronicled life in the 20th century. Learn more about Gordon Parks from WKYC Senior Reporter Leon Bibb on the blog.

  • collection

    There are some things that you #mustcma! 

    Come visit and see what makes the CMA one of the top art museums in the nation with these iconic, must see works of art. Watch the video.

  • CMA Landscape Master Plan

    Read the CMA's Landscape Master Plan. This plan is intended to be both practical and aspirational, a great forward thrust for the benefit of all the people forever. Read the Plain Dealer article.